We wil soon be playing practice tournament.

We are adding plyometrics- medicine balls- and other exercises to our workouts




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Our players who are playing or who have played high school

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USTA Match Results 07/14/12


sylmar pics Alexa

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Jeremy Dominguez wins the Sylmar Junior Championship Lightning Tournament

Coby played in a the USTA Northridge Tournament on 10/16

USTA Travel Team plays its first game on 09/25/10 at the Home Depot Center( pic below)

Here we are in 2009 just getting started,


USTA Travel Team

We have formed a USTA Tennis Travel Team to play in local USTA tournaments and to improve our games for both high school and future college play.

I try and make all of our drills competitive in some form or fashion. We then try and play competitive games 2-4 times a month to get ready for USTA match play. We want to practice games here not at the USTA matches!